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Give to Help Winnataska Be Ready for the Next 100 Years!

Finishing Up Our 100th Birthday

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We are fundraising for our Birthday!

You are part of Winnataska's history, so join in the Celebration of 100 Years!

Winnataska thrives because of you, our alumni, donors, and friends. You can assist us in building a strong foundation for the next 100 years. The Bridge Fundraiser was so successful that it raised enough contributions to refurbish the structure and work is already underway for it! You also helped us build a new pool house which will be ready for Summer 2018. Now we need a Whit Macknally master plan for the campus grounds and erosion, a Chico improvement (program and buildings) master plan, and a dining hall/kitchen master plan, as well as the continuing fund drive for the new activity building.

Anyone who gives $500 and up for this campaign, or any other Follow the Gleam funding drive through July 2019, will have their name (or an honoree's name) placed on the Wall of Flame display that will be part of the new activity building.

If you cannot give online, send a check to Friends of Winnataska - Post Office Box 59514 - Birmingham, Alabama 35259.